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Cebusoft Systems provides a ready to use web application softwares. All software products are fully customizable to meet the customer requirements. For more information please contact us.

Accounts Receivable

Entry: Category Master, Customer Master, Customer Accounts Entry, Customer Payments Entry, Debit/Credit Memo Entry, Counter Receipt Entry
Report: Category Master List, Customer Master List, Charge Sales Report, Collection Report, Schedule of Accounts Receivable, Customer Balances Report, Aging of Accounts Receivable, Statistics of Accounts Receivable, Hotlist, Collection List, Customer Accounts History

Accounts Payable

Entry: Category Master, Supplier Master, Supplier Accounts Entry, Supplier Payments Entry, Debit/Credit Memo Entry
Report: Category Master List, Supplier Master List, Purchase Report, Payment Report, Schedule of Accounts Payable, Supplier Balances Report, Aging of Accounts Payable, Statistics of Accounts Payable, Payable List, Supplier Accounts History

Inventory System

Entry: Branch Master, Category Master, Item Master, Purchase Entry, Sales Entry, Stock In Entry, Stock Out Entry, Stock Transfer Entry
Report: Category Master List, Item Master List, Price List, Quantity on Hand Report, Schedule of Inventory, Reorder Report, 30 Days Non-Moving Item, Purchase Report, Sales Report, Stock Card

Bank Reconciliation

Entry: Bank Master, Deposit Entry, Withdrawal/Issuance Entry, Debit/Credit Memo Entry
Report: Bank Master List, Deposit Report, Withdrawal/Issuance Report, Check Writer, Debit/Credit Memo Report, Statement of Account, Postdated Checks Report

Loan System

Entry: Loan Category, Loan Borrower, Loan Entry, Loan Payment, Debit/Credit Memo
Report: Category List, Borrower List, Loan Report, Payment Report, Balance Report, Overdue Loan, Loan Ledger

Payroll System

Entry: Department, Employee, Contribution, Work Record, Work Record Update, Leave, Loan, Payroll Generator, Payroll Update
Report: Department List, Employee List, Work Record Report, Work Record Summary, Leave Report, Leave Balance Report, Loan Report, Loan Balance Report

Airplane Maintenance Document Management

Entry: Airplane Type, Document Type, Airplane Entry, Document Entry
Report: Airplane Type List, Document Type List, Airplane List, Document Report

Vehicle Job Order System

Entry: Category, Vehicle, Job Order
Report: Category Master List, Vehicle Master List, Job Order Report

Records Management

Entry: Classification, Name Autority, Subject Authority, Location, Records Entry
Report: Classification List, Name Autority List, Subject Authority List, Location List, Records Report

Legal Document Management

Entry: Lawyer, Classification, Client, Case, Document, Disposition
Report: Lawyer List, Classification List, Client List, Case List, Document Report, Disposition Report

Property Management

Entry: Property, Unit, Resident, Move In, Move Out, Work Type, Area, Capital Item, Component, Trade, Inspection, Work Request, Work Update
Report: Property List, Unit List, Resident List, Move In Report, Move Out Report, Trade List, Work Request, Work History

Project Monitoring

Entry: Company, Supplier, Customer, Potential, Quote, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Invoice, Payment, Memo
Report: Company List, Supplier List, Customer List, Potential Report, Quote Report, Sales Order Report, Purchase Order Report, Invoice Report, Payment Report, Memo Report, Customer Invoice History

Procurement Management

Entry: Branch, Supplier, Item, Order, Receiving, Return
Report: Branch List, Supplier List, Item List, Order Report, Receiving Report, Return Report, Item History

Medical Records Management

Entry: Classification, Doctor, Patient, Appointment, Consultation, Medical Record, Patient History
Report: Classification List, Doctor List, Patient List, Appointment Report, Consultation Report, Medical Record List, Patient History Report

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